A Warrior of Two Worlds
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A Warrior of Two Worlds
Long ago, lost in the mists of time, where now only the rocks of the asteroid belt circle the sun of today, there existed the mythical world of Vandah. To that world, across a vast gulf of time and space, put there by a force unknown to him, there went a man of Earth. Thrust amongst hordes of savage, barbaric warriors, their warring driving his mind to the very borders of reason; fighting duels to the death with master swordsmen; being pursued down the faces of sheer cliffs in the darkness of night; haunting the squalid slums of a sombre, forbidding city; flying the skies in the strangest vessel his eyes had ever beheld; these were just some of the trials he was to endure. For, Duor-Vallah-Tia, princess of the medieval-like city of Torr, had been abducted by the evil priest, Xajjak of Zamoria, and the man of Earth had sworn to save her. Eventually, against all odds, he wins through. But, tragically, without explanation, he is taken away from Vandah by the very force that put him there in the first place. An abrupt and cruel end, for he has fallen in love with the woman he has saved! And now, he yearns to return to long departed Vandah, winging its way around a sun of our distant past. Is he to be left only with memories?


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