Under The Suns Of Antares

Under the Suns of Antares CD
Imagine yourself on a strange world, facing thrills and chills, and living and loving a life unknown... British writer TIM JONES, who has written many novels of such "Planetary Romances", has himself imagined these worlds, and his newest expression is in musical interpretation. Inspired by one of his favorite adventure series, this collection of instrumental music... all composed and performed by Tim Jones alone... is his tribute to that series, and his skills as a musician are nothing short of astounding. Mixing various blends of style, from Mediterranean-beats to Blues and Rock, his music transports you to those other worlds, where beautiful princesses are waiting to be rescued, there are villains to slay, and you prepare yourself for battle... Music to read books by, a real enjoyment! Features 12 songs... Dedicated to Dray and Delia...


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