Sorcerers and Swords
Out of print.

It is not only a country estate and its wealth that is left to Robert James, the unlikely hero of this yarn, but also a legacy of fate. Sceptically, he reads the mysterious manuscripts he finds in the manor house of his ancestor. Scornfully, he casts them aside. But, beyond his conception, he suddenly finds himself upon the very world of those dubious pages, and fighting for his life against men and beasts that would normally inhabit only the darkest places of the imagination. It is to Vandah that he has been taken. And there, as Jad-Semar of Thane, upon that lost world of the past, he learns not only that he holds in his hands the very fate of the characters of a story he so recently scoffed at, but also the destiny of the very man who left to him his inherited riches. Will he blindly refuse to accept the circumstances of his new existence, or will he do battle against unequal odds and succeed in his quest?


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