With respect and admiration for ROBERT ERVIN HOWARD (1906-36)



Being an avid reader of Robert E. Howard's work, especially concerning his character, Conan the Barbarian, it was with some dismay, having read some ten volumes of the Cimmerian's adventures, that I discovered to my chagrin that the internal chronology of the saga in its entirety does not match that of the numbering system applied to the covers of the books. Wishing to save other Howard fans the inconvenience of a similar experience, I have compiled a list, incomplete though it is due to the fact that Conan novels are still being written by various writers and slotted into time gaps in the sequence, of how I have calculated the internal chronology of the Conan novels (both by Howard and others) to run.

Rule number one: Ignore the numbers on the front or spine of the books if you wish to read the entire saga in order, or even the stories written exclusively by Howard and later compiled into novel form by Lin Carter, L. Sprague de Camp, Björn Nyberg and others!

Suggestion: Please refer to my compilation of Conan titles in chronological order.