The World of Kregen Revisited

Music by Tim Jones

Inspired by the book series "The Dray Prescot Saga" author Tim Jones made this music. Let him abduct you to the magnificent world under the two suns of Scorpio: Kregen!

Mother Zinzu The Blessed
Oar Slaves Share an Onion
The rhythm represents the drum deldar beating out the rhythm of the rowing. Now, there are two slaves, Dray and Zorg who shared 2 onions. The lead guitar finale is meant to portray relief and compassion, while also being tragic in view of what happened to Zorg. The two rhythms battle for domination earlier, but always the deldar wins; the backing guitar tries to alter the beat at times in the gaps, a sort of relief at the compassion of sharing the onion
Two Suns
On My Own Two Feet
The song starts with rhythm that makes you feel like there is a long ordeal ahead, but soon the mind relaxes and gets on with this long walk. It is blues by then, designed to make the walker feel like he is sad, yet with some determination.
The Quays Of Sanurkazz
This flamenco style music portrays the quays, with men working unloading ships and the always present background of gulls and the heady smell of salt. The tuning is in an open G, which is also the tuning used by the blues as the guitar was adopted by the slaves in America from the Spanish (good for bottleneck as well). This is done on one guitar (solo), a Martin D15 acoustic, and is designed throw some feeling of Mediterranean into the mix. White walls with red tiled roofs with terracotta pots full of flowers and a sparkling azure sea come into mind.
Storm Over Magdag
Same music (tuning and chords) as the Sanurkazz track but designed to sound like this is the bad side of the Eye Of The World, sinister, some weird and dangerous goings on. The storm comes and goes, and the rhythm is faster and more daring. The lead guitar is supposed to sound sinister, a little dangerous, a little scary.
Zorca Meadow Foals
Again a solo on Martin D15, this time completely ad-lib. This song gives the impression of a young zorca, just born, finding his feet and taking first steps, and ultimately running. He falls, as all foals do of course as he learns, and this is where the tempo is changing from one to another.
This is a mix of 4 things: The beat feels like 70s dance: Motownish, the lead is meant to be low yet always around. The bass is solid and holds it together, while the rhythm represents the unsettled part of Jilian's life. The music represents 2 sides of Jilian Sweettooth, one seeking her revenge on Mursham, yet the other not a vengeful person at all.
Prowling Leem Blues
Star Lords Versus Savanti
This is meant to be a sort of squabble, an argument between 2 guitars that struggle to get the last word.
Maidens' Tears (One Glass Too Many)
Tuned in DADGAD (one of Jimmy Page's tunings). Here we have the swod sat at a table in the inn. He is getting more and more drunk as the piece sounds more and more drunk also. He drinks wine, Maidens' Tears, of course, but really he is sad for his maiden who's tears he recalls before he went away to the battle. He sits, and the guitar is him getting drunk towards the end.
Squish Pie (Stand On Your Head)
Inch, standing on his head and Dray and Seg and others of the band looking on; some laugh and some point and some look the other way. Of course, Inch does not laugh. Here are 4 guitars all attempting to dominate yet colliding in places. A kind of comedy.
The Clackadrin Party Trick
The start is of course the Clackadrin, all weird and frightening, and the end, those sounds of popping corks and laughter.
Music Copyright © by Tim Jones 2007
All Rights Reserved